Clean, Empty & Dry Plastics

Must be rinsed.

Take a nearby water or soft drink bottle, and look at the bottom of it. You should be able to see, though faintly, an embedded or printed mark that looks like a triangle (or a recycling icon with three arrows, shaped roughly like a triangle) with a number in the middle. This mark is usually molded into the plastic, so if you don’t see it right away, try tipping the bottle to catch the light in a way that makes the mark easier to see. The number inside the triangle will be somewhere between 1 and 7. Plastic products that are recyclable will be labeled "1" - "5" and "7" here. The rest of your plastic waste is NOT recyclable and should be placed in your waste cart. If you don’t see this symbol at all – which can be the case with items like children’s toys and other non-disposable items – then assume that the item is not recyclable, and place it in your waste cart.

Beverage Bottles

Cleaning Supply Bottles

Rigid Containers

Water & Milk Jugs

Body Care Containers

Detergent Containers

*Must be free of all food residue and liquid.

Clean & Loose Paper


Paper Bags


Manilla Folder

Uncoated Paper

Windowless Envelopes

Cardboard Tubes

Shredded Paper (in a paper bag)

*Must be free of all food residue and liquid.

Clean, Empty, & Dry Metal

Must be rinsed.

Metal Containers


Pie Tins

Aluminum Cans

Steel Cans

Tin Cans

*Must be free of all food residue and liquid.


Must be rinsed.

Beverage Bottles


Large Bottles

Oil-Free Containers

*Must be free of all food residue and liquid.


Plastic Utensils

Coffee Cups

Plastic Plates

Foam Products

Soiled Pizza Boxes

Egg Cartons

Mixed Material Packaging

Plastic Food Packaging

Windowed Packaging

Containers with Residue

Snack and Candy Packaging

Soiled Containers

Bubble Wrap & Padded Envelopes

Foam Packaging

Magazines & Direct Mailers






Hard To Recycle Items

While these may not be allowed in the blue cart, that doesn’t mean they cant be recycled. Please visit and use our Recycle Resource tool to find convenient drop-off locations so these items don’t end up in the wrong place.

Plastic & Food Storage Bags

Plastic Toys




Cell Phones*



Sharps & Medical Waste*

** Item must be disposed of properly. Do not put in recycle or garbage cart. Please see for information.

Tips for ReUsing your leftover recyclables…

It's time to make new habits. Keep items out of landfills. It's time to get creative!

  • Keep sandwiches from being smashed and use non-recyclable lunch meat containers to carry them to school or work.
  • Use cleaned plastic juice containers to hold water in for watering plants.
  • Make a jar into a pencil holder by just putting pencils into it! Or markers.
  • Use clean plastic jugs or other liquid containers to hold water for camping trips.
  • Use egg cartons to hold beads.
  • Use old butter tubs for mixing paint.
  • Reuse plastic bags to carry your groceries.
  • Reuse Ziploc bags to hold your snacks.