Thank you to our leaders for your leadership on creating real solutions that help save recycling in our community. Your ongoing commitment to addressing the global recycling crisis helps drive a meaningful path forward as we work together to solve the modern needs of recycling.

Responsible Leaders

See what these cities are doing to help save recycling.

See how Concord is Helping

City staff and R3 recommended a 5.57% increase on residential rates in order to address the impacts of the China National Sword (Concord Infrastructure & Franchise Committee : 2-11-2019)

See how Fremont is Helping

The material market value received is no longer sufficient to fund the processing and diversion of Fremont's curbside recycling material ...... " "Staff is recommending implementing a curbside recycling processing fee of $1.50 per month for each single family and multifamily household in order to continue the City's existing curbside recycling programs." (City Council staff report dated: 7-17-18)

See how Pleasant Hill is Helping

City staff recommends that the City Council approve a one-year rate increase requested by Republic Services to offset its increased costs and reduced revenue related to changes in global markets for recycled materials. READ MORE

See how Oakley is Helping

Garbage rates are going up after the City Council approved Oakley Disposal Services’ request to hike its fees by 7.44 percent, a move it attributes to the need to offset losses from a declining global recycling market. READ MORE

See how San Rafael is Helping

Recycling commodities markets have been on a steep decline for the past three years........" "These existing market conditions are expected to continue into the foreseeable future......" "the proposed third amendment to the Franchise Agreement would eliminate the current Recycling Reserve Fund and replace it with a net processing fee"...... (City Council staff report dated: 12-17-18)

See how San Ramon is Helping

SAN RAMON — Starting this fall, San Ramon residents and businesses will have a new garbage hauler and more recycling options — with a steep rate hike, up to about 29 percent for many residences, beginning next year. READ MORE

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Together we can save recycling.